Mario is the fifth 2nd generation replicant of Bob, created shortly after Bob defeats Brazil's General Medeiros probe in Epsilon Eridani.

Personality Edit

Shortly after his creation Mario stands out from the other 2nd Gen Bobs as a bland and antisocial personality. Initially Mario chooses to leave his VR as an empty room with grey walls, though he later changes it to a tree house placed a thousand meters over the forest floor in a forest adopted loosely from the novel Midworld by Alan Dean Foster[1].

At first Bob finds Mario the most disturbing of his replicants, especially since he was unsure how each of his replicants would react and behave in comparison to the original.

We Are Legion (We are Bob) Edit

Mario leaves for Beta Hydri shortly after being created, and does not show up again until the end of the book. Upon arriving at the system he discovers the remnants of the Others and the remains of the system they ravaged.

For We are Many Edit

As the first to discover the Others Mario takes it upon himself to scout out the systems they have destroyed and assess their capabilities. Mario finds evidence of civilizations destroyed by the Others, stripped of nearly all metal and organic matter. After getting in contact with Bill over the new SCUT connection, Mario informs the other Bobs of his findings and the upcoming threat the Others pose to their galaxy.

References Edit

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