Linage: Bob

Class: Heaven 2

Cohorts: Bill, Mario, Riker, Milo, Luke, Bender

VR Environment: open-air patio and rancher-style house at the top of a low mountain, in a semi-tropical climate. The ocean stretched out in all directions, right out to the horizon. “t was a beautiful, if somewhat mundane scene, except for a couple “of anomalies: the very close horizon, the low gravity, and the presence of Earth hanging in the middle of the sky” In reference to Marvin's VR environment, Bob observed Marvin had a bit of a luxury streak in him.

Marvin remained with Bob on Delta Eridani 4 supporting the Deltans. Detailed focused, Marvin studied the migration history of the Deltans, eventually discovering the Hippogriff super predator. After a few decades Marvin leaves Delta Eridani 4 for Pi3 Orionis.

Marvin and Luke decide to leave to search for Bender.