Name: Robert Johansson

Born: Taylor Falls, Minnesota (assumed), c. 1985

Age: 31 (d. 2016)

Occupation: Software Engineer; C.E.O., InterGator Software

Siblings: 2 sisters (Andrea, Alaina)

Death: Las Vegas, struck by car

Book 1 begins with Robert "Bob" Johansson finalizing an agreement with the sales rep Kevin from CryoEterna Inc. to preserve Bob's head after death.

Having recently sold his software development company, InterGator Software, to a rival company Terasoft for a significant amount of money, Robert Johansson admits he "might be drunk with my newfound wealth..." InterGator is a software development company which has developed the leading engineering design and analysis application in a particular niche.

While attending a convention in Las Vegas, Robert Johansson is killed whan an automobile strikes him in a pedestrian crossing. Bob was on his way to having dinner with the first employees, and now major stock holders, in InterGator Software; Carl, Karen, and Alan.