The Others are a non-human sentient species which present the greatest threat to the continued existence of humans and the Bobs known so far. They are stated to be socially organized similar to Earth's insects, specifically those who function in large colonies, and are physiologically unlike any Earth organism. Bobs compare them to squids, mantises, and sometimes simply blobs or sacs, hinting at a possibly amorphous nature.

They habitually invade entire solar systems and harvest all resources, metals, woods, organics, etc., hoarding it in a single star system. The entirety of these acquisitions, so far as is known, are allocated to the construction of a Dyson Sphere within what is assumed to be their home system, where the resources are stored. They do not care if they destroy other life, even intelligent life, in the process, as they regard other species as "food" or sometimes "pests". Interestingly, their methods are described as being incredibly efficient, centuries or perhaps millennia ahead of what humans or Bobs could achieve.

The Others know one human language, Mandarin, after capturing and presumably dismantling a Chinese AMI probe.  Bob has not learned how The Others communicate among themselves.

The Others operate with a hive-like mentality, having a single "Prime" as their leader. Their species is speculated to grow in large numbers quickly, requiring massive amounts of power to keep their civilization sustained and progressing.

It is speculated that the Others may have obtained their advanced technology from another, even more advanced species rather than developing it themselves- either through conquest, a gift, or some other means. This is owed to the fact that they are not very ingenuitive, along with rumors and theories on the BobNet. They use gamma ray beam generators and plasma weaponry for offensive or sterilizing operations, and generate electricity for their spacecrafts by means of a reactor capable of harnessing the Casimir effect.

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